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Review: Tron Soundtrack - Daft Punk - Retro-electro

All of the nerds on the planet are breathlessly awaiting the arrival of the new TRON sequel on the 17th of December. That’s nine days in the future. Not that I’m counting. While the world waits for this film, it must satisfy itself with a taste of the story through the soundtrack. It will give us just enough to whet our appetite, but leave enough suspense for us to still want to see the film. “Suspense” in fact is a perfect work for the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, too, since it’s full of tracks clearly made for an action film. Just listening to the album will make you feel as if you’re anticipating something. You just don’t know what…yet.

I guess I have to admit it right off the bat. I like the TRON: Legacy soundtrack better than the 1982 original TRON soundtrack. Scary, I know. But I can’t help it. Wendy Carlos’ original soundtrack is by no means shabby. It features strange time signatures and inevitably synthesizer-heavy sounds. Daft Punk, however, blows it out of the water. At first you don’t think you’re listening to anything Daft Punk would make. You quickly forget, however, that you care about the French electronica group at all as you’re swept immediately into the imposing, heavy orchestra pieces. The score is at first reminiscent of epic films. It heightens anticipation with its intense strings and brass. Roughly a quarter of the way through, we get a taste of the electronic. Just a taste, though - we’re not ready for the best just yet. Daft Punk is holding out on nerds everywhere. They’re teasing us, drawing us in with what seems to be a very normal epic film soundtrack. We’re shortly given a touch of the 80’s. Not overwhelming, not cheesy, just a touch. Then it dips back intro the orchestral. Adagio For Tron is a particularly impressive track. The soundtrack pauses in the center of its action-themed music to showcase a mournful piece. We don’t get much time with the mournful, though, because we’re shoved very lovingly into Daft Punk. Ah, there it is. The sound becomes more electronic. There are heavy beats in the background. It’s our favorite, catchy sounding electricity we love so much. This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is clearly a Daft Punk soundtrack. It almost feels like the guys from Kraftwerk contributed (they’re from the 80’s too.) all of their best in the track End of Line. The electronic doesn’t dissipate from the album; on the contrary, it begins to suddenly mesh with the orchestra as the soundtrack edges towards the end. The rest of the soundtrack woos you with Daft Punk’s original sound and classical orchestra mingled together. Be careful, epic film music nerds. You’re going to suddenly like electronica and not know why.

The TRON: Legacy soundtrack is brilliant. It draws you in with the deception of sounding somewhat typical, although it doesn’t quite fit that category. It teases you with a touch of the 80’s towards the beginning, and then calls you to mourn with it. You don’t have much time to feel sad during the Adagio track, though, because you’re thrown into the midst of a classic Daft Punk sound right afterward. Then it begins pulling epic film sounds and electronica together to make your heart race with intensity. Though this soundtrack is amazing, and the score cannot be rivaled (no, not even by Wendy Carlos’ original score), nerds all over the world still desperately need the film itself. The delicious sounds emitted by this album are really only teasing us. The 17th can’t come fast enough.

9.5 Glowing Suits out of 10

Guest Writer: Cori P