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Godzilla Stomps and Smashes His Big-Ass Self Back into Theatres


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An unknown city is decimated, buildings toppled and burning, bodies strewn across the streets like the beginning of The Walking Dead, giant holes punched through buildings… The camera pans up to reveal something. Something awful. Something bone-chillingly terrible. Something that haunts our dreams. Is it a giant monster? NO! Well, yes (but that’s not what I’m getting at). It’s another Hollywood reboot. The return of Japan’s favorite monster: Godzilla.

Comic-Con got a surprise when the Warner Bros. panel revealed a teaser trailer for the yet-to-be-filmed Godzilla redux. But how will this film play out? Director Gareth Edwards says, “We’re going to take it really seriously. There’s nothing sci-fi about this movie. It’s very grounded and realistic.”

There’s a problem with what he said: How can you possibly make a movie about a giant radioactive dinosaur with nuclear fire breath and say that there’s nothing sci-fi about it? That’s kind of what makes up the sci-fi genre. Grounded and realistic? Okay. Makes a little more sense for something like Batman, where the most outrageous aspect is the technology he uses, but fine, let’s go with Godzilla being “grounded and realistic.”

While it’s very likely that this could be a fun summer movie (who doesn’t want to see Godzilla destroying things in 3-D with awesome special effects?), it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as to why Warner Bros. is claiming that it’ll be a down-to-earth film. That’s like saying Jurassic Park is grounded and realistic because they use science to create their dinosaurs, not magic.

But I digress. All in all, this could be a lot of fun. It’s another unnecessary reboot that makes our heads spin, but we’ll spend the 15 bucks to watch it anyway. Welcome back to the movies, Godzilla.

Random Thoughts - Muppets: The Green Album

I’m in love with just the idea of a new Muppets film. A reboot of a franchise that I didn’t think would see the light of day till I was old and decrepit (Picture Brad Pitt when he’s 90, that’s what I’m gonna look like…). Lucky enough for me and the rest of the world there is a new Kermit-loving film on the way! The beginning of that hype starts NOW with the “Muppets: The Green Album” Album release (TODAY).

Previously and still streaming on NPR the aptly named “Green Album” is a collection of songs from Muppet shows, films, and episodes redone re-imagined by modern day Alternative artists. It is in itself a completely brilliant concept. From Ok Go creating a modern version of the “Muppet’s theme song" to The Fray rockin’ out to "Mahna Mahna" to Andrew Bird’s FANTASTIC rendition of "Bein’ Green" there is an amazing sense of nostalgia here without losing any artistic integrity. Many of the songs are so different and fully realized that they don’t even feel like Muppets songs.

I was excited for the film, but I am now even more excited because it gave us an album of this caliber to jam out till we wait in line repetitively to see the Muppets movie in the Winter. Go grab the album on the sites below or listen to it on NPR. Either way it’s a must.


Review: Tron - Is it the Next Avatar?

Yes…. Avatar has nothing on Tron.

The question most people are asking is how does Tron stack up against Avatar?, the biggest, “smurfiest” film since…. Well… The Smurfs. I saw Avatar twice in theaters, one of those times being in IMAX and visually, Tron holds it’s own ground, but in a very different way. Unlike Avatar where every shot was made specifically for you to drool over, Tron’s visuals are much more intelligent and sophisticated and aid to the dark story tone throughout the film. Avatar’s best visual moments were when it let us intake the wildly different vegetation on the planet. From the moment we follow Sam into the grid the visuals continue and never stop being an artistic beauty. (I drooled, gods honest truth) Move over James Cameron, Disney kicked your ass in originality and visuals and dare I say… 3D.

The story is a true sequel to the original Tron which is something that I don’t think anyone really expected. Instead of doing a true reboot like Batman or Spiderman does every few years or so Tron is a continuation of the first story. This leads to a bunch of exposition that seems to just run a tad long in the overall scheme of things. It’s also a little bit confusing for people who have not seen the first Tron. This one long stretch of back-story feels long and lost my interest for a moment or two along the way, finding myself saying “what are they talking about?” true Tron fans will have a “nerdgasim” in their seats throughout the whole film, but Tron virgins will be a little confused. (see it again, you’ll get it the second time, promise)

At least you have one of the best actors of our generation, Jeff Bridges at the helm of this movie. Him and his creepy looking younger self fighting each other is super sweet. Olivia Wilde is another additional character that is a great addition to the cast, but Sam, he’s kinda all over the place at moments, especially with the tone of the film being so dark. Sometimes i found him too annoying but then he quickly went back to the serious Sam in seconds.

Lastly is Daft “fucking awesome” Punk. Not only is their cameo sweet, but the movie even feels sometimes like its a music video for daft punk and not Tron. That’s how awesome the soundtrack is… We did a review, check that shit out. I think without daft punk this film would have been much much less interesting, and much much less entertaining. Sorry Tron, but your soundtrack kicks more ass than you do.

Visually stunning and amazingly entertaining there is absolutely NO reason to miss this film. I’ve never hacked over money to buy avatar on it’s many Blu Ray collection sets, but let me guarantee you. I will be in line the day Tron comes out to buy my copy, it may even get me to invest in a 3D TV. Yah… It’s that good….

9.5 light cycles out of 10

Snobby Film critic Steve - 7/10

Emma Stone as a Blonde - Gwen Stacey - Spiderman Reboot

We had our doubts. Not anymore. Emma Stone is one sexy blonde. Yes we are obsessed with this witty, sexy, hilarious, Zombieland main character. But who isn’t? Look at these pictures! No wonder Peter Parker is obsessed with Gwen and not Mary-Jane.