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FX Brings The Sunny Challenge to Philly

Have you ever wanted to engage in some of the craziness that the gang of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia always seems to get themselves into? Well, Philadelphians, here’s your chance – FX has created The Sunny Challenge, a day of fun, totally bizarre games in the spirit of the show. Compete in “Mac’s Lucky Hockey Puck Shot,” “Jersey Shore Dunk Tank,”  “Charlie’s Garbage Dive,” “Frank’s Rum Ham Toss,” and “Dennis’ Speedo Relay Race”.

Food and beverages will be provided, so gather a group of your craziest friends and spend the day the Sunny way. The Sunny Challenge will be held on August 4th, at XFinity Live, which leaves you just enough time to practice your ham-tossing and garbage-diving with your weirdest (and probably coolest) friends.

While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia may not be filmed in our beloved city of Philadelphia (truth is, all we’ve really got are the occasional exterior shots…oh well), we’re thrilled that the show has finally brought a part of itself to Philly, and we’ll definitely be donning our speedos in order to compete in the challenges. We only wish we could go grab a beer or two at Paddy’s Pub first…

For more information on The Sunny Challenge, visit, and pre-register at Participants must be 21 and have a government issued ID. Podcast - Jan 11th - The Snookisode

Dan and Steve talk alone at Brave New Worlds (New comics every Tuesday) about the Snooki book that Dan is reading all over Philadelphia and how the Green Hornet is going to probably be pretty freakin’ awesome.

Entertainment Podcast - Oct 19th - Jackass 3D, Conviction, and Jersey Shore, Smoosh smoosh

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Why the iTV Could Change the Industry

Sure cable will still be around, but for many “content consumers,” or people who watch TV that his highly produced and has a story, plot, or comedic value. (That’s not you if you have ever watched a full episode of Jersey Shore) want something that is a cheaper, easier way to get content, (preferably without commercials.)

In comes the iTV. If Kevin Rose has this thing right we may see a $99 Apple TV upgrade that will be faster, smaller, and cheaper. This itself is highly exciting for someone like me who has avoided the Apple TV because of its ridiculous price. $99 bucks though, might change everything. This device would be very similar to what we already have, however the big rumor is $.99 TV show rentals. If you read this months Wired Magazine there was a fantastic article about how you can quit cable and pay a hell of a lot less for a lot more content. $500ish dollars less. If I can rent a TV show for a dollar, a whole season for $13, why would I ever want cable? It doesn’t make any sense monetary wise.

This would mean not only that cable, who has been having trouble lately anyway continuing profits, would have an even lower subscriber base. I know that even now I only have cable because I love me some HBO, but I’m more than happy paying for content the next day that I can keep, in HD. If I can rent that content, even better for my wallet.

This also means that content producers would continue to make TV a better alternative to films. TV has gotten a lot better in the last few years (see Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Rubicon, Lost, Dexter, True Blood, The Office, 30 Rock, etc) iTV could help let us see more better content on TV rather than the garbage that plays on repeat all day. (Keeping up with the Kardashians)

The problem with with magical device would be that rumor has it, it can only go up to 720p. Most people won’t notice that, but sadly the consumer market that would notice that sort of thing, are exactly the people who already have an Apple TV and a Blu-Ray player, and a XBox, and a 55 inch plasma, and a Boxee Box pre-order, etc, etc, etc.

I’m ready for whatever you want to throw at me Apple. If the iTV is 720p however, I think you are making a big mistake.