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Review: The Avengers

I’ve seen a lot of films lately. More and more I’m catching up on the various films I’ve missed this past year that I really wanted to see but couldn’t. What I’m finding that is really disappointing is that most of these films are so bland that they didn’t really deserve my attention in the first place. The big films, the big stars, the ridiculously large budgets are all creating these bland “works of vanilla” that make me more and more upset with the film industry every year. So when I go see a movie like The Avengers I walk in expecting just that, a film that’s so big in nature that it refuses to take risks and be enjoyable. Thank god I was completely wrong. The Avengers ends up being a clever, witty, and downright “Fun.” film that is and will most likely continue to be my favorite film of 2012.

The premise, which you should all know by now, is a group of superheroes are thrown together to save the world from Loki, Thor’s brother who is planning on world domination. Together their mindsets conflict into a mess of emotionally unstable ego power-trips that in the end, huge surprise, save the world. What’s unique about this film and what makes the film work so well are the strong, well-written characters. Each superhero has his own unique conflicts and ideologies that create a conflict with the rest of the group. Thor’s triumphant nature, Captain America’s strong views of country and God, and Tony Stark’s narcissism are all so strongly unique that it feels like a true trauma when they all come clashing together. Their conflicting views are all set aside when the world is in danger (and another big shocker), which ultimately unites them as it should in any good true super hero film.

The sprinkles of comedy and drama throughout this action packed film keep The Avengers light-hearted while having true conflict and resolution. (Things a GOOD MOVIE NEEDS) There are things on the line and even in the thick of it all you never forget that. In many of those “bland, generic” films I mentioned before even the “amazing action scenes of CGI glory that just spew the thought ‘they spent millions on this one shot’” are now all so generic that they put me to sleep. They don’t excite because you don’t really care about the outcome. These crazy CGI battles are getting old because they lack commitment and caring. In the crazy, non-stop action of The Avengers I could not be more wide awake. More alert, and more aware of each and every thing that was happening. The action has substance which is so rare nowadays that it feels like finding a dodo bird.

Go see this film. In 3D or 2D it doesn’t matter because this movie has substance, it has Fun. written all over it. It is going to be the biggest film of the summer (until Batman comes out) not because it was really expensive to make, not because there are a lot of big actors in it, not because it has crazy action scenes, but because it is so enjoyable to watch again and again.

PS. I have tickets to see it again.

9.5 Times I will see this movie in the Theaters out of 10