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Godzilla Stomps and Smashes His Big-Ass Self Back into Theatres


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An unknown city is decimated, buildings toppled and burning, bodies strewn across the streets like the beginning of The Walking Dead, giant holes punched through buildings… The camera pans up to reveal something. Something awful. Something bone-chillingly terrible. Something that haunts our dreams. Is it a giant monster? NO! Well, yes (but that’s not what I’m getting at). It’s another Hollywood reboot. The return of Japan’s favorite monster: Godzilla.

Comic-Con got a surprise when the Warner Bros. panel revealed a teaser trailer for the yet-to-be-filmed Godzilla redux. But how will this film play out? Director Gareth Edwards says, “We’re going to take it really seriously. There’s nothing sci-fi about this movie. It’s very grounded and realistic.”

There’s a problem with what he said: How can you possibly make a movie about a giant radioactive dinosaur with nuclear fire breath and say that there’s nothing sci-fi about it? That’s kind of what makes up the sci-fi genre. Grounded and realistic? Okay. Makes a little more sense for something like Batman, where the most outrageous aspect is the technology he uses, but fine, let’s go with Godzilla being “grounded and realistic.”

While it’s very likely that this could be a fun summer movie (who doesn’t want to see Godzilla destroying things in 3-D with awesome special effects?), it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as to why Warner Bros. is claiming that it’ll be a down-to-earth film. That’s like saying Jurassic Park is grounded and realistic because they use science to create their dinosaurs, not magic.

But I digress. All in all, this could be a lot of fun. It’s another unnecessary reboot that makes our heads spin, but we’ll spend the 15 bucks to watch it anyway. Welcome back to the movies, Godzilla.

Movie News: Jurassic Park 4 Has Writers Now

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In another Unnecessary Sequels Update (or USU, if you’re looking for brevity) the long-rumored-but-finally-apparently-actually-happening-Jurassic Park 4 took another step closer to actually becoming reality. The sequel to the sequel to the sequel of Jurassic Park has hired writers: the screenwriting duo Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, who were behind last summer’s hit blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

It was at last year’s Comic-Con where Spielberg first announced that the fourth installment of Jurassic Park no one really seemed to have asked for was in the works, and had a rough story. This news came over a full decade after the absurd 94-minute dino-tastic-mess that was Jurassic Park III, but despite that, Spielberg & Company feel the world is ready for another romp with dinosaurs. Will it be exciting? (Maybe.) Will it feature Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, or Laura Dern? (Hopefully.) Will it be in 3D? (Probably.)

While no one in particular seems excited for this movie, Silver and Jaffa’s presence on the project might actually make this film watchable. They turned last year’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which nobody was initially excited for) into one of the year’s smarter and more fun summer blockbusters. Maybe the screenwriters will return to Isla Nublar? Maybe this will even be a prequel? Jurassic Park IV probably won’t be out for sometime, but hopefully Silver and Jaffa’s presence on the project will generate some excitement for the return to one of Spielberg’s classic franchises.

Review: Paul

Two nerds + one Foul mouthed alien = The best comedy of 2011 so far.

From the moment this film begins to when it ends, Paul is one big continual reference for every single Alien/Nerd/Trekky/Star Wars like movie ever created. If you hate anything involving any of the above than this movie may go right over your Football-loving-Sausage-eating head. Now for all of you who have seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz you can understand the whole concept of taking a genre and remixing it in a way that not only references but also creates it’s own. Paul goes down both roads very successfully, however the one (creating a standalone story) needs a bit of work.

Seth Rogen, as worried as every NERD was, is absolutely hilarious. His CGI-ness doesn’t miss a beat, mainly because he never stops talking. They chose quantity over quality, however there is enough in Paul’s rants to keep you going. With Paul’s introduction the film turns hard R. Before his appearance the film could have been a PG kids film until Seth Rogen blurts out the fuck word about 30 times a minute. Without this though, the movie, dare I say it, would have been fucked. The humor works only because it is foul mouthed and over the top. That combined with the feel of the film (over the top NERDGASIM) this film will please anyone who has even dabbled in something that would show at Comic Con. If that’s not you, Paul still offers enough fart and penis jokes to keep you going through your “collar” night out.

8.5 bad CGI aliens out of 10