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Disc of the Week: January 11th

In this weekly feature, I will be taking a look at the new home video releases and telling you which ones you should take a look at and which ones you shouldn’t waste your hard-earned cash on. I’m going to make it easy for you by choosing one (yes, one) movie that’s worthy of being added to your collection as well as one TV series that’s great for all of you television junkies out there and a documentary to get your facts straight. The next section will be filled with a few second choices which also will be worth checking out if you missed them in theaters. At the end will be a list of everything else that either I haven’t seen, or isn’t worth your time. Alright, here we go!

Disc of the Week

Raging Bull (30th Anniversay Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

If you don’t know already, Raging Bull stars Robert De Niro as boxer Jake LaMotta. The film is a powerful tale of a man spiraling downward. Directed by the master himself, Martin Scorsese is at the top of his game here. The film is shot through beautiful black-and-white, which only highlights the brutality of the ring. What’s more, De Niro’s performance is arguably his best as the self-destructive boxer. Raging Bull explores a dark place in the human psyche which stays weith you well after you watch it. Definitely one of the best films of all time, a true classic that should be enjoyed in stunning HD.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features?

Doc of the Week

Louis C.K. Hilarious

This isn’t technically classified as a documentary, but who’s keeping track, right? After Sundance, the crowds raved about how funny this film was. I was confused. This is supposed to be the premier independent film festival in the world - what’s so special about this comedy special? Well, Louis C.K. is hilarious. (That title makes it so easy I couldn’t resist.) Trust me, you will laugh your head off during this stand-up film.
Blu-Ray? No Special Features?

TV Set of the Week

All in the Family (Season 8)

The sitcom at its finest. Revolving around Archie Bunker, a “lovable bigot.” Not only is the show classic comedy, it also took on more political relevance than any mainstream show before it. So, if you’re looking for laughs, and a bit of nostalgia, go with All in the Family.
Blu-Ray? No Special Features?

Also Worth a Look

The Social Network

It must be a good week for home video if The Social Network isn’t the Disc of the Week. The film serves as the creation myth for one of the most incredible ideas in recent history, Facebook. Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher have crafted an engaging, emotional film that truly captivates you, while not neglecting the finer details of the legal issues regarding the company. However, Jesse Eisenberg makes the movie, giving his best performance to date as Facebook’s intrepid founder Mark Zuckerberg. You must see this film for many reasons: A) It’s fantastic. B) Its Oscar buzz is only getting louder. and C) Oh come on! Just go buy it already. (And if you want to see it on the big screen, it returned to select theaters this past weekend, so you best be getting on that soon.)
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? Audio Commentaries, Feature-Length Making-of Documentary, Featurettes

Army of Shadows

Army of Shadows is Jean-Pierre Melville’s thriller set during World War II, and featuring the French resistance. Never released in the US until 2006, this stunnning restoration is now on Blu-ray thanks to the Criterion Collection. So, if you have any interest in film noir, the French New Wave, or great films in general, definitely check this out, I now I will be.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? HD Transfer of the 2004 Restoration, Audio Commentary, Interviews, On-Set Footage and Interviews, Two Shorts, Booklet

Piranha 3D

Looking for some good family fun this week? Well, you’ll have to wait. Piranha 3D is a celebration of gratuitous sex and absurd violence.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features?
Title Blu-ray?
Alien from the Deep No
All in the Family (Season 8 ) No
Alpha and Omega Yes
Alred Hitchcock (10 DVDs) No
Army of Shadows Yes
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien (Volume 1) No
Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff No
Dances with Wolves Yes
Endangered (10 DVDs) No
ER (Season 14) No
Funny or Die Presents (Season 1) No
Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy Yes
Greek (Season 3) No
Halloween Night No
Hot in Cleveland (Season 1) No
How to Get Ahead in Advertising No
John Wayne: America’s Legendary Hero (10 DVDs) No
Louis CK: Hilarious No
Love Hurts No
Magic Man No
Once Upon a Time in America Yes
Piranha 3D Yes
Raging Bull (30th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Yes
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Yes
Rules of Engagement (Season 4) No
Sordid Lives: The Series No
Stonerville No
The Chainsaw Sally Show (Volume 1) No
The Deep (10 DVDs) No
The Endless Summer Yes
The Great Debaters Yes
The Last Brickmaker in America No
The Social Network Yes
The Temptations (miniseries) No
The Three Stooges: Collector’s Edition No
The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System (Blu-ray 3D) Yes
There’s Nothing Out There No
WWII: Hell on Earth and Thunder Above It No