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Attack the Block - Philadelphia Facebook Campaign


If you have been following Attack the Block you know that the world is becoming obsessed with this Aliens meets the Goonies R-rated romp. The thing that is sad about it, is that Philadelphia is being left out of the fun. So go to and vote for it to come to Philly! Don’t waste another moment. Forget work, put down that baby, stop doing your heart surgery and go vote for Attack the Block to come to the city of Brotherly Love!

See Press Drop Below:

CULVER CITY, Calif., August 1, 2011 – From the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, ATTACK THE BLOCK follows a gang of tough inner-city kids who try to defend their turf against an invasion of savage alien creatures, turning a South London apartment complex into an extraterrestrial war zone.

ATTACK THE BLOCK opened in theaters on Friday, July 29th in the following 7 markets: Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Toronto. On Friday, August 19th it will expand to 6 additional markets - Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and a sixth market that will be chosen by the fans! Starting today, fans can vote on Attack the Block’s official Facebook page ( for their city to be the chosen 15th market in which the film will open in on August 19th. The cities up for consideration are:

Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Portland, Cleveland, and Minneapolis.

Results will be posted on the movie’s Facebook page after voting has closed on Friday, August 5th at 12 pm PST.

Vote now to get the film Rolling Stone calls “Hot, fierce, funny, vicious and ready to bite!” to come to your city!

Review: Paul

Two nerds + one Foul mouthed alien = The best comedy of 2011 so far.

From the moment this film begins to when it ends, Paul is one big continual reference for every single Alien/Nerd/Trekky/Star Wars like movie ever created. If you hate anything involving any of the above than this movie may go right over your Football-loving-Sausage-eating head. Now for all of you who have seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz you can understand the whole concept of taking a genre and remixing it in a way that not only references but also creates it’s own. Paul goes down both roads very successfully, however the one (creating a standalone story) needs a bit of work.

Seth Rogen, as worried as every NERD was, is absolutely hilarious. His CGI-ness doesn’t miss a beat, mainly because he never stops talking. They chose quantity over quality, however there is enough in Paul’s rants to keep you going. With Paul’s introduction the film turns hard R. Before his appearance the film could have been a PG kids film until Seth Rogen blurts out the fuck word about 30 times a minute. Without this though, the movie, dare I say it, would have been fucked. The humor works only because it is foul mouthed and over the top. That combined with the feel of the film (over the top NERDGASIM) this film will please anyone who has even dabbled in something that would show at Comic Con. If that’s not you, Paul still offers enough fart and penis jokes to keep you going through your “collar” night out.

8.5 bad CGI aliens out of 10

Apollo 18 Trailer - No Tom Hanks, Lots of Aliens

A District 9-type Alien horror film. The brand new trailer below is creepy, scary, and has to be better than all the crap that’s come out so far this year. A movie that astronauts should not see as to not be scared of the dark in space. Wouldn’t that suck? Having to bring your blanky into space to save you from your night terrors?

Review: The King’s Speech

So have you seen Tropic Thunder? Remember the dialogue about Ben Stiller’s character playing a full on retard? How that didn’t get him the Oscar because he went “full retard” ? That’s exactly how i feel about the kings speech. The film is highly entertaining and uplifting just like slum dog millionaire was two years ago but through that whole build up there was still some flatness that isn’t worthy of an academy award winning film, best actor, maybe….

Colin Firth is an actor that has been wowing us for years. A Single Man last year? Brilliant acting. This might be his year to take the Oscar, a man who deserves recognition for his amazing talent. His performance in this film is by far the best part about it. His playback with Geoffrey Rush is worth all your time, money, and thought. Seriously, it’s incredibly entertaining. The build up, the conflict, the resolution, all very cliche to say the least (which is why it will never win best picture) but it’s execution of all of the above is what makes this stand out from the rest. It is sure to be a film that anyone over 40 will have a field day with and anyone younger than that to wonder where the CGI aliens are. (Mars Needs Moms? Seriously Disney? I expected more from you… P.S. Tangled was shit compared to Princess and the Frog)

To sum it all up…
Story = cliche
Acting = brilliant
execution = highly entertaining.

8 stutters out of 10

Interview/Review - “127 Hours” - Danny Boyle - A Director with Many Hats

His film 127 Hours has played many festivals and is now in limited theaters (opening in Philadelphia today). But where did Danny Boyle come from? He may be known as “That Slumdog Guy” but in reality, you may know him a lot better than you think. (And if you don’t know him, find out why you should take a day to go over his collection, ending in going to see 127 Hours at the Ritz.

1996 - Trainspotting

This brilliantly crazy movie based off the novel by Irvine Welsh of the same name follows a heroin addict in the late 1980s. The beginning sequence itself is coveted by film study programs as a masterful way of grabbing an audiences attention. Who can forget Ewan McGregor getting “sick” in the bathroom and then diving into the toilet. He even said in an interview “This has got to be the most energetic film you’ve ever seen — about something that ultimately ends up in purgatory or worse”

Trainspotting Toilet Scene

2002 - 28 Days Later

Drug movies then zombie movies. 28 Days Later is considered one of the greatest zombie movies ever made. What makes this movie good is the gritty suspense of the whole thing. Going from drama and comedy to horror thriller is brilliant especially when he does both so well. This movie not only spawned a cult crowd, it has thousands of references from the “hello” sequence in the beginning that is mixed into tons of music and referenced all over the place.

2007 - Sunshine

WHY DIDN’T ANYONE SEE THIS MOVIE!?!? This movie combines 2001 A Space Odyssey and Aliens. The special effects are top notch, and the acting is right up there too. Sunshine is visually gorgeous, but not in Danny Boyles usual way. Which makes me believe this is a director who knows what he’s doing because he doesn’t have to go all crazy with the camera to make a great film. Come on, Scarecrow from Batman is in this movie!

2008 - Slumdog Millionaire

Best Picture, Best Director, Everyone has seen this movie. Nothing to talk about. But then… there was…

2010 - 127 Hours

A film that would have never been made without the success of Slumdog Millionaire. This film is engrossing, intense, and visually in a style all its own. The content here is very simplistic, James Franco gets stuck in a cavern, and an hour and a half later you are brought to a climax in the film that is so overwhelming that there have been reports of people passing out during screenings. (It happened at the Philadelphia Film Festival). James Franco, whom I know all of you are thinking is a stupid stonner is the thing that brings this film to life. His realism makes the film flow, especially because the film is continually focused on him and only him. 127 Hours is more than not non-fiction, purely true-to-life based off the camera footage (that is for the most part directly word for word from the real camera footage he had created) and Aron Ralston’s own account of the story (Go read his book, it’s awesome). From the girls, to the the continually haunting his feverish dreams of children in the cavern create a far better reality than any documentary could.

The best part about this film are its unique visuals and soundtrack. Danny Boyles crazy directing style with camera angles that are all over the place bring a closeness (especially with Boyles use of digital cameras) that other directors would fear to go. Remember when you bought the Slumdog soundtrack because you loves the roll the windows down and blast it in your main line neighborhood? 127 Hours was scored by the same guy as Slumdog. This worldly view of music created the experience feel different than other normal Hollywood films.

With all of that, especially the intense scene people are passing out during, this film is easily in my top 3 of 2010. Seriously brilliant Mr. Boyle, I tip my hat to you.

10 Camel Bags out of 10

What’s amazing more so is the variety of projects and the accuracy at making each one feel different and unique. Danny Boyle is a fantastic director for this reason. Martin Scorsese’s films all feel very much the same, same goes for Woody Allen, Mr Boyle has done it all and has come out making some of the most beloved genre films of all time.

Below is the roundtable audio where Mr. Boyle is full of insight and drama about his latest project.

Review: Skyline

You should thank me for seeing this movie. Why will you thank me? Because  YOU don’t have to go and sit through this god awful pile of horse shit.

Yup. that’s how this review starts, HORSE SHIT. This movie was awful. It felt like I was watching a mash up of “Independence Day,” “The Matrix” and “War of the Worlds” then combine that with some of the worst acting and horrendous dialogue I’ve ever encountered and you get *drumroll please* SKYLINE. We get it, you guys made this movie for dirt cheap because you own the effects company, awesome. That’s all the movie had going for it, the effects. The creatures that were roaming around collecting bodies and destroying shit were pretty awesome (not “Transformers” awesome, but pretty cool….) The “storyline” however… not so much. We get a few characters that don’t last very long, we get plot lines that don’t really matter or make sense in the scheme of things, and we get questions asked that are never fully answered not to mention that half dozen of so terrible cliche lines spurted. Unfortunately, because it was made so cheap and marketed so well, Skyline will most likely make it’s money back and then some. That means I’m sure there will be a “Skyline 2” coming down the sewer pipe sooner than we want.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I cringed or asked aloud, “Really??”. It’s the type of movie that you wish it was so bad that it’s good (I.E. “The Room”) but it’s not; Skyline is just bad. Save yourself the trouble of going to see Skyline and put your money towards something useful like Scott Pilgrim on Blu-Ray. You should even go buy “The Last Airbender” on Tuesday and you will STILL get more enjoyment than watching this hour and a half of crap. The movie felt like it “Clockwork-Oranged” me. (See picture below)

2 steaming piles of horse shit out of 10