Review: Mansome

Morgan Spurlock’s fame came with him eating a lot of fast food. From there he has fully crafted his art of the documentary and made films like The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and a TV show called 30 Days. Mansome comes as a wildcard mixed in the with the rest. A format that is completely different than anything we’ve seen from him before that leaves himself out of the picture. Instead, Spurlock relies on interviews with comedians and “professionals” (more like obsessers) to be the main substance of the film. Oh. Did I mention it’s a film about male body hair?

"A film about male grooming you say… Why that sounds oddly fascinating." said the part of my brain with the IQ of 20. The concept of comedians talking about hair on men seems like it could be highly entertaining especially knowing Spurlocks track record for creating interesting and unique content. From Adam Corolla to Jason Bateman, Zach Galifinakis, and Will Arnet and the host of other famous people in this film it doesn’t have the one thing that makes Spurlocks films really resonate…. Morgan Spurlock. In Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold we have this main character that we follow around and root for. In Mansome we just get random thoughts that seem to all be about the same topic. Nothing cohesive enough to have a shred of emotion attached.

That in itself is the problem with the film. It feels like a PBS documentary about squids rather than a Spurlock film. I was expecting Spurlock being put in situations, which is very fun and interesting to watch. The comedians make up for it, but their one-liners and lack of cohesiveness doesn’t help the film progress. It makes an hour and a half film feel like 3 hours of average jokes concerning male hair. At times there comes a character that we follow for 10, 15 minutes but as soon as we get to know him he’s gone and replaced by random brain farts of knowledge that don’t really have any deeper meaning. Maybe if the interviews commented on how crazy some of these people are it would be more tied-together. At only one point in this film was there any sense of a point, and that came only 15 minutes from the end which puts people through a lot of build up for a small reward.

Spurlock fans be warned, this film is not what you are expecting and comedy fans, go rent something instead.

6 Hairy backs out of 10